The Azure, an affordable kit home starting at 53 999$


On January 14, we released a home model with a 20’x32 footprint. Designed with a bedroom, a bathroom with space for a washer-dryer and a large room combining the kitchen and the living room, this model has been greatly appreciated by our clients.

This versatile building designed by Lumbec’s team of designers and creatives is innovative in its choice of materials while maintaining the essence of our brand. We have opted for quality materials. Supported by a distribution network that has proven itself in Quebec, we are able to serve the entire territory of Quebec.

For now, only the self-build system is available.

Here’s what the kit includes:

At the foundation level:

Isoslab kit for 12-inch structural slab, including perimeter modules, interior sections for radiant heating system installation, metal rails for exterior module belt and perimeter frost protection system.

At the structural level, the pre-engineered, unassembled kit includes the following items:

  • Exterior walls made of high performance insulated panels in sections of 4′ to 8′, including rain screen and wood furring
  • Self-supporting frame
  • Floors and open-work beams for the section above the bedroom and bathroom
  • Insulated roof, including cathedral roof trusses.
  • Exterior steel doors and PVC windows by Laflamme with color on the exterior side, white on the interior side.
  • The membrane and the pre-painted steel roofing.

For the exterior finish, you will receive the following items:

  • Board and batten pine siding with opaque stain including an 8 year finish warranty and a 50 year wood warranty.
  • Corners and mouldings for the perimeter of the openings.
  • Colored fascias and soffits matched to the color of the windows
  • Installation accessories such as sealant, nails and touch-up paint.

For your interior finish

  • Gypsum for all interior surfaces.
  • Interior mouldings and frames, basic model.
  • Interior doors.

This is not included.

Excavation, reinforcement and concrete for the slab, finishing the slab, the pergola, installation of the frame and the elements mentioned above, plumbing, electricity, joints, painting, kitchen cabinets and built-in furniture. Of course, furniture and appliances are excluded.

The land and septic elements are not included in this kit.

To purchase this kit, you must pay 53 999$ plus taxes, all within a 100 km radius of Quebec City. For shipping costs and more information, contact our team via

Phone: 819-684-5291

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